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Google Now helps You Locate Stuff that You Searched before, in Nearby Stores

Undoubtedly Google has turned the most powerful and eminent search engine in the world and over the previous year we have seen the giant emerging its telepathic empire (i.e. the telepathic Google Now Service) via varied enhancing updates such as a Park Car Location card, ability to take a picture, play some music or get some relationship based contacts. And what’s the latest enhancement roams around the users from Google Now is the Backend Update that systematically detects and prompts a reminder of the product that you had searched for in Google, if it detects in a nearby store.

So, isn’t it interesting? That means if you by chance forget a product you had searched for in Google and has forgotten about the product, then Google is there to remind you of the stuff. However, Google understands your interests well and there is no wonder on this update since it’s an attempt by the Giant to implement the understanding of User’s interest into force. Based on this update, Google will show you a card with the product listing and price which evidently not differ from the one you would have seen in the search page.

However, though the Google Now feature will detect the product in your nearest retailer, but can’t tell you if the item is in stock or not. So you have to either give a call to the store or have to drop there in person to check the availability of the product. Of course as a user you people will decide the vulnerability and potency of the app and Google is always there in the row to augment its user experience by refining its updates.

To take advantage of this feature Google recommends you guys to use the latest version of Google Search which you can find here in Google Play.

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