TOP 5 Android Apps for the Week

Android and Apps are those two words that can never be parted. With a tsunami of apps flooding every corner of android play stations, die-hard fans of android want to have it all. But then we are faced with the haunting challenge of choosing the best amongst them so as to get some real use of the apps. Well, we give you today a helping hand in choosing apps that have been spotted as the best and most useful android apps of the week.


This update of the great app has got itself a lot of changes and improvements. Primarily it can be noticed that now it cannot edit documents and spreadsheets all by itself and needs doc and sheets to be installed first, even though they are automatically used by Google drive. With a redesigned menu and two newly added buttons, the app certainly looks a wee bit better. The slide out navigation panel is quite a update indeedDownload the app here.


This app is a definer of a new world of music. It allows users to have access to any song anywhere and allows them the freedom to customize a play-list of their own with their favorite songs. This also comes with personalized recommendations according to the users’ choices for them to discover new music. It also allows music download for offline listening. More still, it promises uninterrupted music minus any ads.

Now updated with a dark, somber look with new fonts and icons and a few other features, this is one real music superhero that completes your app box. Download the app here for free.


This has been designed and updated to version 4.0 by the developers to match the KitKat 4.4.2 update and it is, perhaps, the best alternative for widget apps available in the play store. The update adds a slide navigation menu to the app for better navigation. Even though this one comes with a price, it, no doubt, is worth a buy. Download the app here. However you have to pay some charges for the same.


This empowers Android to a great degree when it comes to text chatting. You can send a photo or a video to a friend with a caption using this and then the snap vanishes unless saved by the receiver as a screenshot. And with clicks only, you can get to chat with your friends, who are already online, face-to-face!

Now, this is some chatting! Download the app here for free.


Now this is one big update for the week. This version of pushbullet brings you floating pushbullet integration along with new card based UI, and improved Tasker integration. This helps users to push items to all registered devices and to manage multiple accounts. The improved widget and notification mirroring enable/disable list are great. This also makes adding friends easier. Download the application here for free.

These were the top 5 apps for android for this week. Along with these Facebook messenger 5.0 and Google Play 5.5 have also proved to be great updates of the week. Stay tuned to our site for more such news and updates.

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