Mobile Number changed Fate, Man now moves in McLaren 570S Spider car worth 2 Crore

Thousands of people from India visit Dubai every other day in quest of a job. Many spend a major part of their life there and some return within a few days. But here we talk about a person from Punjab, Mr. Balbir who has been serving in Dubai for the last 10 years. But it must be beyond his imagination that one day just a mobile number would change his fate and he would be able to drive the world’s best racing sports car McLaren.

In fact, the EITC (Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company) had requested its customers to renew the registration of their mobile numbers before the service closes on 31 January 2019. On this occasion the company had also organized a lucky draw. Balbir also uses the SIM card of this company and hence was added into this contest. Few days after Balbir got a call and message from the company mentioning that he had own the McLaren 570S Spider car worth Rs.2 crore in the contest.

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At first Balbir couldn’t believe this, but his joy knew no bounds when he came to know that it’s true. Now to talk about the McLaren 570S Spider, it’s the cheapest car of the British Car company and it costs Rs. 2 crore. This formula one supported car is the best racing sports car in the world. McLaren F1, its predecessor remained the fastest car in the world for many years.

Coming to the features of the McLaren 570S Spider, the car runs on 3.8 litre Twin turbocharged V8 engine which churns out 562 bhp power and 600 newton meter turk. It has a top speed of 328 kilometer per hour.

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Now Balbir is planning to sell this car and shift somewhere with the sold money. It’s so because for him it’s quite difficult to maintain this car. It’s one time service cost is even more that his monthly salary.

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