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Mahindra extends its presense in the US, unveils GenZe

The Mahindra Group which already has a substantial presence in the United States with IT companies, Tech Mahindra and Bristlecone and the world’s number one selling tractor brand based on volume,  has opened a couple of facilities in the U.S.A.

Mahindra group has also unveiled an electrical scooter GenZe. The new battery Run scooter will be available only in the US. On the occasion of inaugurating the company’s new facilities in the US, Mr Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra group said “The North American Technical Center and GenZe represent important disruptive product incubators for the Mahindra Group. Constant innovation focused on improving the lives of our consumers, employees and the communities they impact is at the core of Mahindra’s ‘Rise’ philosophy and we are delighted to see this come to fruition in the United States.

The company has not yet announced the price of the scooter, the scooter will be launched in the end of the year. [highlight]The electric scooter has a range of 48.2kilometres which is good and has a top speed of 48.2kmph as well [/highlight].So it’s a pretty fast electric scooter too. Mahindra says that the vehicle’s low top speed means that it does not require a motorcycle license to run in most states. Mahindra GenZe which is now part of the Mahindra group says that the USP of their electric scooter is its compact design, specialized storage space and ease of use. It has got trendy looks,comes with a legion of attractive features and is eco-friendly so the youngsters and the environment lovers would definitely keep this scooter as the first choice in their mind.

Mahindra GenZe’s manufacturing facility was inaugurated at Ann Arbor in Michigan.The factory at present has the capability to manufacture 9,000 units per year which can be increased to 20,000 per year if the demand increases.

The second facility which was inaugurated was the Mahindra North American Technical Centre (MNATC). This research centre is situated in Troy, Michigan and has currently and more than 40 local engineers from the state. The  R&D facility has complete vehicle engineering design capabilities and expertise which will serve a vital role in helping Mahindra to get crowned as the top gainer in the global automotive industry in the next 10 years.

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