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China launches World’s first AI Female News Presenter

world's first AI based lady anchor

Few days ago one video was making it around the corner in which one artificial intelligence made lady Robotic Anchor was found presenting news. Though it seemed much interesting and unbelievable initially, but finally China has proved this to be ture and has just of late launched world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) based lady News Anchor. With this China has brought revolution in the Media and Journalism field and has named this AI based anchor as Xin Xiaomeng.

It’s to be noted that the first AI Based lady news presnter Xin Xiaomeng on Tuesday also presented news on China’s state-run News Agency Xinhua. Besides, the Agency has made it clear that Xiaomeng will participate in the Bilateral Strategic Meet to be held in China in March this year.

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It’s worth mentioning that in 2018 the state-run News Agency Xinhua had also presented the first AI based Male news Anchor to the world. Of course this is something interesting that the world might have waited for, but it will undoubtedly create scarcity of jobs for humans in the near future.


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