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Run Windows Programs on Android Chromebooks and Tablets via CrossOver App

If you are an Android Chromebook or Tablet user and is desperate to use Windows apps on your device, then you definitely have waited long. Because some of the Windows Smartphones we find are already supported to cross-OS platforms (the other is Android). But to integrate Windows on Android was a rather complicated idea. However, the task was not absolutely impossible. So the Developers who were working on this chore for the last three years have finally succeeded in their attempts and the first cross-browser platform app named CrossOver is gonna uploaded on the Google Play Store tomorrow.

Crossover is a program that permits the user to run Windows programs on Non-Windows platforms. The Crossover App that is gonna uploaded on the Google Play tomorrow is just a preview version and the developers are uploading this on the Google Play only to get comment on the issues that the users face while using it, so that it will assist them for further development of the app. Basically CrossOver simulates the Windows interface on your Android mobile devices and you can use both the interfaces on the same device without any issues.

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But it has some limitations. This app is only functional on the Intel-based Android devices and Chromebooks which are very few in numbers since Intel is no more a major player in the mobile game. Actually, tech Preview for the app is only available to the users who have pre-signed for initial access. But still you can make your entry into the circle by reaching the users at CodeWeaver. At CodeWeaver you will find steps and guidelines to integrate Windows programs on your Chromebook and Tablets. According to CodeWaver,

you need to have an open mind. The first Model T didn’t race down the highway at 100 MPH. The first light bulb didn’t last for 2000 hours before burning out. CrossOver Android is a Tech Preview. It does some very cool things. It does run Steam. It does run Office 2010. It does run Wizard101. It does not run EVERY WINDOWS APPLICATION KNOWN TO MAN.

So if you are really interested to use this App, then just move into the official announcement page of Android CrossOver for further details. For sure, let’s know how you liked this App.

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