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Acer’s Much Hyped Tablet 8-Inch Iconia W3 to hit the Markets in September!

acer iconia w3

Well, still we have heard of laptops, notebooks and netbooks running on Windows 8 platforms. But the rumor that soon a tablet (a small screen device) will adhere the said platform as its prime OS, might seem bit awkward, yet we can’t ignore the hullabaloo. ‘Coz rumors going ablaze, if Acer, the giant manufacturer of Laptop and mobile devices is soon going to join hands with the largest software corporation of the World, Microsoft to release its upcoming device (Tablet) Acer Iconia W3 which will be running on Windows 8 platform.

Of course, the idea seems bit absurd but not hazy as Microsoft CFO Peter Klein had before clarified that the company has already started working with OEMs on smaller Windows RT or Windows 8 devices.  But because the upcoming device of Acer doesn’t use the limited RT version of Windows 8, hence it will provide the users a full-fledged Widows compatibility for smooth operation of their tablet. Apart, the device will be quite handy due to its sleek figure (as it seems from the leaked images) and will not be a chore to be carried in a single hand like other tablets.

Conversely the device configures some best features as sources reveal. As per the revelations, the device will carry an enlarged screen, keeping eye on the requirement of Windows 8 compatibility as the said OS is quite compatible with screens supporting a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Then definitely the device will be a movable home theatre for you. Also you can have a netbook experience with this tab as it supports a certain kind of keyboard duck (as shown in the image), though we don’t have any info of which type it is exactly.

As per the revelations made by a French techno site, the device will feature a dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 processor running at 1.6 GHz and will support 2 GB of RAM. Both the front and rear facing cameras are a definite aspect to make the Tab proactive for the usres. And the Wireless-N feature in the Tab will enable you to surf through the web world, devoid of any cable or any four wall restrictions. Though there is not any certain info about the connectivity options, yet we guess from the images that the device will have a couple of microUSB fonts. Of course there is not any revelation about the Bluetooth options and storage norms of the device.

However, if speculations come true then soon we shall have the first ever Windows 8 operated Tablet in our hand that is supposed to create new excitement and allure among the users and will assist Acre to enlist one more milestone to its credit. So rest to September 2013 of course. But don’t forget to pay a revisit to BlogZamana as soon we shall come back with the latest updates on the tablet.

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