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The Next Initiative of Google is to launch Android One Phones in the US

android one smartphone

Google, the leading Mountain View based techno giant s now is rumors to help launch Android One Smartphones in the United States. Though no source is there to be particularly mentioned to bring forth this news, but the source is named “Unnamed”. But what the reports convey Google is going to help certain Manufacturer in the US market to launch the Android One Smartphones and that in the Mid 2017.

Nothing to wonder with this news of course, as everyone knows Google is desperate to make Android phones popular across the globe and so far it has also launched Android Smartphones in the Asia and Africa. Then of course its going to be US’s turn now. But still now it has not been confirmed who is going to be the first maker to these Android phones in the US. The report claims LG might be the first in the race.

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Now what will be Google’s role play in the launch? As per commitment, Google is going to provide regular software updates for the Android One phones in the US for two consecutive years post launch and also Google plans to sponsor a major ad campaign during the launch of this device. Post arrival of this Smartphone, Google also plans to ad more Android One phones to its launch plan in the US, but step-by-step. And as I told earlier also, Google is doing all these to make its Android brand more popular than other leading brands in the United States like Samsung.

Before the Pixels phones by Google has already been launched and tested in many Asian and African countries. Starting from 2014 since the launch of its first Android One Smartphone, Google is constantly trying to bring the Android brand to limelight. Though reports don’t convey a sharp increase in the popularity of Android One Smartphones in all these tested markets, but Google is still intact to its motto and will undoubtedly leave no stone unturned to meet its goal.

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But if you are a US based reader reading this article, then forget not to share your views how you like this idea of Google? Are you too excited to put your hands on one Android One Smartphone?

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