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2014 Yamaha BWs 125 launched in India

Yamaha has been in the news for coming out with the new scooter range for the Indian market. They are already doing good business with the scooter. The Yamaha BWS 125 will take on the likes of the Honda Aviator, Suzuki Access among other scooters. The increased engine displacement and more roomy design expand the functionality of the BWs 125, which makes it a great urban and suburban commuter or fun riding machine.There’s no mistaking the BW’s seeing one bumbling along the street, or parked up in the middle of 10-15 other scooters. The BW’s styling is unique enough to be called unique but it is different and appeals to the youth who see it as trendy scooter compared to the rising masses of scooters who carry the same looks as the scooters their mother used to ride in her younger days. The BW’s 125 is an off-road inspired scooter that goes nicely and looks even nicer.

The BWS125 looks quite radical and it could be a good change for the Indian masses. For instance, its vertically stacked twin headlamps give it a very unique character. The stacked front and rear light units will first grab the attention – car drivers’ attention too. The ‘BW’ in this scooter’s name stands for Big Wheel – which makes sense when you see that it’s fitted with chunky-treaded off-road style tyres. Yamaha claim that it will help to find a grip over potholes and on cobbled streets. Hand guards will help to protect the hands from the cold and add a special styling touch too. The scooter comes with Easy-to-use centre stand plus side stand. The Side-stand safety lock-out switch prevents unit from being ridden when side stand is down. The Anti-theft 3-in-1 main ignition switch combines the ignition, fork lock and under seat storage compartment lock in one convenient switch. This switch also features a special “shutter” that blocks access to the key slot to avoid “jimmy starts” using a screw or similar tool.

It wears fat tyres for sporty look while the rear is quite minimal. The Yamaha BWS 125 will be made at the company’s Surajpur plant near Greater Noida and will come with a 125cc engine that will develop around 8-9PS of power with a fuel economy of around 40-45kmpl. The Yamaha BWS125 will have a top speed of around 90km/h. Yamaha Bws 125 is available in various exciting shades namely Avalanche White and Midnight Black. The ex-show price of this all new vehicle is about Rs. 60,000.

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