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HTC One A9 receives Android 7.0 Nougat OTA Update

The Unlocked HTC One A9 receives the Nougat update over the air. This is gonna a big update for the week from HTC. Of course there is a new build of Android and along with it, the Sense UI is reworked by the company. All the awesome benefits of Nougat is going to enjoyed by users with the update.

The HTC One A9 in past has good records on OS i.e. the first device to launch with marshmallow onboard. Anyways with the new Nougat update, user will face the improved battery life, improved performance and enhanced visuals.

Caution- Always remind that while updating the device over internet, user must not dial or receive calls. This can disrupt the update and you have to start it again. There is no need of backup but incase of data loss it is better to keep the phone data backup using app. Charge up your device to 90 percent because if the update is over Wifi then the battery will drain very first. In case the device power finishes in the middle then the device get stuck in boot animation.

How to update HTC One A9 over the air?

Make sure the HTC device should have stable internet connectivity. Then get to settings-About and tap on the update option. If the device is already updated with latest firmware then the massage ‘The latest update has already been installed’ will appear. Then tap on OK to initiate the download and then installation. Once it is done and the device will get rebooted automatically.

In future we will come up with manual procedure to update HTC One A9 with Android 7.0 Nougat. We will also bring the procedure to root the device on latest Android version and even custom ROMs too. To get all these procedure you need to stay connected to Blogzamana and more news on Android.

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