Whatsapp Users Are Given The Freedom Of Choice To Choose The Best Photo Quality Before Sharing

The WhatsApp app has seen a new feature that gives you freedom of choice to choose the best photo quality before sharing . It is also trying to set the same quality for video sharing.

The WhatsApp app is working on a new feature that will greatly enhance the photo sharing experience on their platform. According to WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp app for Android adds an option to select “Photo Upload Quality” before sending the beta v2.21.14.6.

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WhatsApp beta for Android

The feature is currently under development and although the latest beta is installed on your phone, you are not allowed activate it. After the final result, you can choose between three options:

auto(recommendation), best quality and data storage before sending the photo to the contact. If you select automatic settings, the WhatsApp will automatically process the best compression algorithm for the image. Data Saver, on the other hand, uses heavy compression to save data. Choosing the “best quality”option will send the photo in high quality.

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Automatic (recommended): WhatsApp finds the best photo compression algorithm.

Best quality: WhatsApp will send you photos using the best available!

File Saver: Compression is enabled when File Saver is open in your local environment.

It is not yet known when this feature is going to available on the first best Android phones. Although WhatsApp does not allow users to share high quality images, there is a simple solution. All you have to do is send it as a document.

As WABetaInfo noted earlier this month, WhatsApp is also working on video quality settings for its mobile app. The next feature will allow users to end up downloading high quality videos, but we still won’t see if WhatsApp will increase the file size limit for videos. Currently, the program only allows you to download videos up to 16MB in size. However, the limit for documents is 100 MB. There is also 3 different Speed Feature for Voice Messaging in Android that allows to speed up the voice message.

Another predictable feature, multi-device support, will launch in beta in a few weeks. This feature will allow users to use one WhatsApp account on up to four devices at once.

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