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Facebook soon to introduce Messenger ‘Unsend’ Feature Globally

As we have informed you in some of our previous articles, Facebook is busy experimenting new features every single day, one such feature has just come to the limelight. yes, it’s the Facebook Messenger ‘Unsend’ feature. Developers at Facebook were secretly working on this feature for a pretty long time and finally their effort stood successful. So if you think what’s this new feature and how it will work, let me tell you that the feature will assist users to permanently delete features they have sent to others, both from their side and the readers side. At this moment the feature is only rolling in selected countries and soon it will go global.

Saying that also I would like to include that the feature has certain limitations and hence will not be that much powerful as you might expect. Of course this feature will help you to retract messages that you by mistake sent to your readers or post sending realized that it’s not worth sending. So tell about the limitation, the Facebook Messenger unsend feature only allows a 10-minutes-long window to delete your messages, that means after that time frame the message will be struck permanently.

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Second limitation of the Facebook Messenger unsend feature is that it allows you only to delete the message you have sent and not the one your reader has responded. The responded message only can be deleted from your reader’s side and within the said time frame. If it doesn’t so happen, then the message will remain in the chat window for ever. Besides, though you have deleted the message, but it will still remain in the Facebook server for unannounced length of time to prevent any bullshit messages that might be sent by the users. Of course Facebook has not told how long these messages will remain in the Facebook server, but eventually those will be deleted.

The feature will be made available for both the Android and iOS users. While one such feature is already available in the widely used chat window app WhatsApp, it’s to be seen how much this feature is accepted by users. What you think guys! Share your view for sure.

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