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Android iPhone with Dual SIM by Gradiente announced in Brazil

Android iPhone

Just have a look in the web, and you can get tons of apps and custom ROMs available for Android to bring the “classy” iPhone effect. The iPhone concept is much popular among UI modders since our US cousins prefer Apple iPhone to smartphones powered by the Google’s bot.. However, according to Brazil news report, a new device has been publicized as Android iPhone. Bizarre? Isn’t it? Did Apple release an Andriod powered smartphone? Excited? Have a look. 

Well, we are making things clear. Firstly, this phone is not at all in any ways related to Apple’s community and second, the device has nothing similar with an iPhone and it is completely different in terms of specs and features, barring it’s looks and user interface which can be compared to the Apple’s flagship product. The Brazilian company, IGB Electronica has announced this “Android iPhone” smartphone, Gradient smartphone Line G iPhone also called as Neo One with model number GC 500 SF. This phone is powered by Android 2.3.4 “Gingerbread” operating system. Well, there is no use of iOS in this device, only the name is what the device got.

The Neo One is spotted with 3.7 inch capacitive QVGA display with a screen resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. At 320-by-480 pixels, its touchscreen is nothing compared to Apple’s Retina Display, and it has no multitouch support. It measures 6 x 12 x1.1 cm in dimension and weighs 130 grams which can be a bit heavy. The device is powered by a 700MHz single-core ARM processor with 2GB of RAM running Android 2.3.4. For internet options it comes with 3G UTMS, GPRS and EDGE connectivity along with Wi-Fi operating on 802.11 b/g. Sadly, it has got no HSPA. So, under 3G networks, you can only get a maximum speed up to 384 kbps, on EDGE 256 kbps and on GPRS 84 kbps. So, this mobile won’t provide you a good internet experience on cellular data. While on Wi-Fi, you may be able to get some comfortable speeds. Other connectivity options include micro-USB and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP for HD audio streaming.

For multimedia, the device got a music player but supports only mp3 and wav formats. The video player is also very disappointing without the support for H.264 videos and the only supported format is mp4. It also has a FM radio and a 3.5 mm audio jack to connect it to external enhancements and speakers. The device also comes with a 5.0 mega pixels rear camera and 0.3 MP secondary camera for web chat and video calling. And for gamers, it got an accelerometer but no g-sensor.

To keep apps and all your other stuff it offers 2GB of internal storage, along with 32 GB expandable memory with a microSD or a microSDHC. For connectivity it offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. You can connect to internet by 3G data SIM or WiFi to update device or browse through Gradiente browser, a quite good browser supporting HTML5 and flash. The phone comes with pre-installed gradiente apps and opera store to download and install various other apps. We wonder if they have got any options for the play store. Gradient Smartphone Line G iphone Neo One supports GPS+ (A-GPS) and is available in 599 Brazilian currency or $287. Well, these features might be nothing as compared to an iPhone, you can probably get the iPhone name tag in your device.

Well, these were the basic specs we could find best for you. What about Apple? Do you think they would sit calm and let the Brazilian company take his name and sell phones? We wonder Apple would have hired lawyers to deal with the situation and is getting prepared to sue the manufacturer. But till date Apple has not taken any steps against the manufacturer yet.

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