Batch Uninstall Apps from Your Android Device with a Single Click

Do you have an Android Device? Then you must have installed a number of applications in it. Useless to say that you must be removing old apps to replace with new ones! But what procedure do you follow to uninstall these apps? Either you might be using the default Uninstall system or might be using any of those thousand apps available in the Play Store meant for removing apps from your Android device.

But what I know all these apps (even the default system) are meant to remove one by one apps from your device. But you will hardly get an app anywhere that will assist you to batch uninstall the unwanted apps from your device. But today here I have one with me and i.e. App Eater. The App is absolutely free in Play Store and will help you remove many apps with a single click. It also allows you to create a widget on the Home Screen of your device to easily delete the last app you opened. Another important feature of the app is that you can lock it to protect from others from deleting it. Isn’t it interesting?

Now let’s take a look on the step-by-step guide to use the App Eater App to unclutter your Android device. But before proceeding towards the guide, you must download and install the App Eater app directly from the Play Store.

Steps to Batch Uninstall Apps from Your Android Device

  • Once installed, run it on your device and you will be redirected to a Start Up screen showcasing the list of all apps recently installed and updated. Also the screen will display the total number of apps uninstalled from your Android device.
  • Wanna see the list of all applications on your device, then click the List View option positioned on the top right corner of your screen. It will exhibit the list of all apps installed in your system.
  • Select the app that you want to delete from the list and click the Eat App bar positioned at the bottom of your screen.

This screen also allows you to select multiple apps and eat them all with just a single click on the App Eat bar. The Lock Icons next to the apps assists you to lock your desired ones so that others can’t delete it. So, did you try this app at your Android device? How is your experience? Don’t forget to share with us.

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