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Download WhatsApp PLUS APK for Android with Holo Themes & Customizations

whatsapp plus holo

WhatsApp for Android is now advance with new customized version called as WhatsApp PLUS. This is the enhanced version which comes with Holo Themes. Packed with features and has capability to shoot BBM of Blackberry. But, still this advance PLUS version is in its early stage and unofficially available here for download. All the credit goes to XDA developers for improvising the powerful messenger for Android users.

The WhatsApp is solid app with zero bugs and you need not to bother on which Android version you are on. There is no timeline by far like the official release. Along with that plus theme added and color changing of chat bubbles also round once can be squared. The best part of the new WhatsApp is that the annoying update message appears while launching the app is been discarded.

Caution: Download the files exactly the same written and do not change the apk file names. You must choose one apk file from given below. Do not download two apk, rather go with one from the list.


  • WhatsApp PLUS v3.02 with HoLo
  • WhatsApp PLUS v3.02

Procedure to Install WhatsApp PLUS on Android

  1. First make sure the device has enough battery and must be having enough space in SD card to place the file.
  2. Download the appropriate apk, certainly from simple WhatsApp PLUS v3.02 or with HoLo launcher. After downloading the apk file from here to computer or directly from the given link on mobile then place it in SD card. Make sure to make a new folder in root and place it, so that you can find it later.
  3. In case user using computer to download then connect the device via USB cable. Place the APK file and disconnect the cable.
  4. Now go to settings-> Application-> Unknown Sources and tick the option because the download is not from Google Play store.
  5. Again go back to the folder where you have place the WhatsApp PLUS and tap on it to install. An “Accept” option will appear, just hit the button.

Follow the instruction and enjoy the new and advanced WhatsApp PLUS in your Android device. If any doubts arrive then do comment us.

  1. Prabhakar Dixit says

    I have downloaded WhatsApp plus app but it’s not getting installed again and again. Please let me know what to do with this product to get it installed.

    1. Durga says

      From where you downloaded the files? Check, the files might have been corrupted. Thanks.

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