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Wamart Reveals Black Friday Discount Stuff, Includes Tons of Deals with Android Products

WalMart Black Frida Offer

Black Friday – the term is itself so versatile and you know why. We think this is the day which is being awaited desperately by every single electronics product user around the globe, since they get a chance to grab extreme discount in the most cost-effective products on this date. But have you ever seen any retailer so much desperate to bless the customers with tons of discounted products on the eve of Blalck Friday? You might not have! But we have seen one. While the calendar assigns that the 2013 Black Friday is almost a couple of weeks ahead, but the famed US retailer Walmart has already made the offers available on its official website. The 40 page discounted product list includes tons of lucrative deals with Android product.

While the Black Friday event is scheduled to be onset at 8 AM on November 29, the famous retailer Walmart has decided to host three separate events on the occasion and two of them will be held on November 28 (the Thanksgiving Day) at 6pm and 8pm, correspondingly. However, you will not be assigned with any discounted offers on Android products at the 6pm event on November 28. But you will get plenty of the same on the 28 November 8PM and 29 November 8AM events. Now, let’s have a look what discounted offers Walmart brings for its customers on the eve of the biggest cut-price products event.

Reportedly, the retailer will allow you to purchase the 8 GB RCA 7 tablet and case for just $49, the 8GB Nabi 2 and 16 GB Trio Stealth 10.1, each for just $99, & the 8 GB HP Android tablet for just $89 on the 8 PM event of November 28. Besides, there will be almost $60 cut off in the price of the 16 GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 on the Thanksgiving Day and hence you will get it for just $299. You will also be allowed to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 just for $299 devoid of any contract and the Galaxy Legend for $35 with a two-year agreement with Verizon.

This was all about the Thursday 8PM event. But the real discounted offers will be made available on the 8AM Black Friday event that will allow the users to put their hands on the Smasung Galaxy S4 for just $99 with two-year agreement with the leading US carriers like AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. Apart, you can also get the Samasung Galaxy Mega for $79 at two-year contract with AT&T and the overwhelming Moto X for $49 at two-year contract with AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. And most importantly, you get a $100 Walmart gift card with these three Android Smartphones.

 Walmart also endows you with the exclusive offer to get up to $300 in-store credit after purchasing Smartphones so that you can purchase a new Smartphone after. So, if you are a Black Friday fan and desperately waiting for the day then we hope this article will be of much use to you. Right guys?

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