Apple iOS 8 again on headlines: Beta 3 set to be released on July 8

The Apple CEO Tim Cook came up with big news of announcements on opening the iOS 8 platform a little more to the developers. The mobile operating system will allow developers from third parties to explore more and add some more functions and applications as now the structure of this operating system will get little wider than before for them. According to the news sources, Apple may be looking to open the iOS 8 Beta 3 for developers on July 8 which might give the developer an extra chance for preparing before the actual release of iOS 8 this fall.

What is the Beta version?

It is been seen that many of the Apple users run the beta software on their devices while it is never meant for the personal iPhones or iPads. Apple iOS betas are only patches that could be used by developers on test devices so that they can make it more stable and add features to it. With each beta release, there come some new features alongside with many potential bugs which lead to even phone storage wipes sometimes.

Beta 2 came with a much smoother feel than the initial beta 1 but the problems were seen with networking, freezing and awkward battery life. We have to wait to see if Beta 3 wipes these bugs. At the time of release of beta 2, Apple also made debut of the latest and rapidly spreading, QuickType keyboard on the iPad, which means there will be suggestions of words on iPad too now.

How the rumors came?

On July 8 last year, Apple has opened the beta 3 of iOS 7 which gave the tech gurus an idea that same might be the story this year too. But the noticeable thing is that, last year the Apple’s annual conference was held one week earlier than this year’s. Though, the beta 2 release for the two came almost at same time. So, we might get to see the developers getting the chance on July 8 to work more with Apple iOS 8.

What it’s bringing this fall?

The iOS 8 has been scheduled to be launched on this fall. The operating system this time has taken many of us with the amazement like the support for third party keyboards and the controls of smart home appliances using Siri. The new Health app has gone vital in health specialists and physicians because of its usefulness in the field of maintaining the doctor’s data in it. Every report can be collected and maintained in this new Apple iOS 8 app. The user interface is simple and easy to access.

The Touch ID finger print sensor on iPhone 5s is going to be available for third party app developers too which will lead to many new apps using the feature or many new things with this smart feature. The overall performance by iOS 8 has brought us all in the crowd which is waiting of this fall when iOS 8 will have its claws on famous other smartphone operating systems.

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