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Apple brings in the opportunity to use Business Chat on iPhone with iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3

Are you an Apple iPhone user running the iOS version 11.3? Then you will be happy to know that your time for using Business chat on your iPhone is on. This feature was announced by Apple at WWDC 2017 and finally its live by Apple with its iOS version 11.3. For those who don’t know what’s Apple’s Business Chat feature, it allows iPhone users to chat regarding jobs through iMessages, from the official website or app of the companies instead of a telephonic conversation. Of course, this Business platform by Apple is in beta version at this moment and is in testing mode with a few number of partner companies.

So if you are an Apple iPhone user with iOS version 11.3 and living in the United States, then only you will be able to enjoy this feature. Also the companies tied with Apple under agreement is only from the United States. If you or the company located outside the USA, then this feature is not for you at this moment. And if you reside in the USA and still don’t find the company you are searching in the search results, then you have to wait and check back in a few months as many a companies are yet to be registered with Apple as the platform expands.

So to start with Business chat you must confirm that your iOS is updated to the version 11.3 and you reside in the United States of America.

  • Then open the official website or app of the company you are searching for. You can too use Maps or Safari.
  • Once you find the business chat for your desired business pops up on your iPhone display, click on the blue text bubble to initiate the chat.

Now the most important thing is starting the chat. You have to start the chat from your end as business are not allowed to start a chat. Your questions might be answered by a chatbot if those are easy. But to solve your complex queries, one dedicated Customer Care Executive (CCE) is always available. Also you must know that the business chat is only meant for chatting and it neither receives your phone number nor personal information.

Some business groups also have enabled purchases and appointment booking through Business chat. If payment mode is activated in Business Chat by some company, then you can pay right from inside the message using Apple Pay Set up. But before that cross check if you have Apple Pay Set up enabled.

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Post chat, if you want to finish then you have to delete the text thread. But if you think of coming back later for a further chat at your convenience, then you must leave the messages like that so that you can initiate a chat at your convenience.


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