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Google I/O 2023 conference: Expected Announcements

These are several potential announcements from Google during its developer conference this spring, ranging from Android 14 to folding smartphones to never-launching products, Let’s have a look!

  • Android 14

Android, Google’s dominant operating system, is expected to rule the event with fresh improvements for both users and developers. Android users have already discovered entertaining emoji-based wallpaper modification options, and the most recent developer preview places a strong emphasis on privacy and security. The Picture Picker API will be a required part of the operating system, regardless of whether the installed app has integrated it or not, which is one noticeable difference.

  • Improved AI on Android

It’s possible that Google is altering its keynote to place a stronger emphasis on their machine learning initiatives as the competition in AI technology continues to heat up. This can lead to the release of new functionality for Android users. The Duplex demo, which Google first unveiled at Google I/O 2018 and is now a key component of the Pixel smartphone experience, is a perfect example of this. When a user doesn’t wish to answer the call personally, the technology that is now being employed in the Pixel 7 can answer calls on their behalf.

  • Pixel Tablet

The upcoming developer conference will probably place a significant focus on Android 14, which is expected to build upon the multi-screen features introduced in Android 12L. The conference may highlight the platform’s support for various screen sizes. However, one notable absence is the Pixel Tablet, which was announced during I/O 2022, with expectations for a Q1 release this year. Nevertheless, it’s possible that the developer conference will serve as the tablet’s official debut, much like how previous conferences marked the launch of the Nexus 10 or the Pixelbook.

  • Pixable Foldable

In terms of foldables, Android already leads. Many foreign brands are entering the market, and Samsung is now working on its fourth generation of folding hardware. Like this leak regarding a larger battery pack in the Pixel Fold, we like leaks that provide us with specific specifications. Google has used the conference to preview what would be unveiled during the fall’s frenzy of phone launches, despite the fact that it is not necessarily a hardware event. It would be encouraging to see them use a foldable during the conference this spring.

  • Google’s New AR Glasses Promise Live Translation

No Google developer conference would be complete without some announcements that will not be available to the public. Last year, the company concluded the event with a preview of a pair of AR glasses that can translate languages in real-time. Despite the competition already having AR translation glasses available on the market, Google has yet to release a similar product.

  • Bard

As Google faces increasing competition from Microsoft, especially after acquiring ChatGPT, the company is directing significant developer resources towards AI. In previous years, Google has mostly showcased AI in theory. However, with Microsoft and other competitors in the market, the keynote at Google I/O 2023 is likely to heavily focus on Bard, its competitors, and what’s next for the company’s language learning models.

  • Pixel 7A

Google has been using its developer conference to showcase its affordable mid-range Pixel devices for the past few years. The Pixel 7a is expected to be announced during this year’s keynote and will likely be released in the summer, following the release pattern of the Pixel 6a. According to rumors from credible sources, the mid-range device has already passed through the FCC.

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