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How to Fix Common Android problems with easy Tips and Tricks

Having common issues and problems with your Android devices? Then you are in a right place because we placed some fixes, tricks and tips for your device. Do you have slower user interface or quick phone battery draining , slow cellular network issues and heating problem. Then all can be fixed by following the mentioned guidelines. Let’s check in.

Fix Slow user interface on Android

If you have a listless user interface while going through important work  and experiencing most of the time than the main problem is facing due to the old model. The RAM might be full or follow other steps:
Which type of antivirus you are using in your Smartphone, if not then install it.

  • Download a junk file remover app to remove cache and the junk files that are running out of space. This is the main reason of 90% user so it is simple to free up the internal storage of android device.
  • To bring back to its normal operation, simply uninstall the unused apps
  • Use Micro SD cards if possible with class 10.
  • Remove unnecessary custom ROM that makes your phone slow
  • If using a third party launcher that might be a problem hence uninstall the third party launcher and come back to system launcher.
  • Use the lighter version of most of the apps which are available in Google Play Store such as Twitter Lite, YouTube go, Facebook lite
  • Keep an update of your operating system in About phone section in Settings.
  • Do not update all the apps just selected ones must be updated to avoid pointless pause
  • Most of the time if this fixation doesn’t fasten up your interface, then do a hard reset of your phone

Fix Less battery backup

  • To fix the battery drain problem, the device has to be free with all the unused apps
  • Install phone cleaner at least because apps running in the background drains much of the battery
  • Downloading the third party app which consumes a lot of battery, so avoid it
  • By turning the GPS when not needed is best
  • Keep the power saving mode for a longer time to avoid battery drain
  • Increase the phone battery by keeping the NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when not needed

Fix Network issue on Android devices

Mobile data service on the phone is not getting proper signal or not working then it can be fixed by following tips.

  • First remove the SIM card from your Android device and again inserted
  • Then turn on the airplane mode for 30 seconds and then after few seconds turn off again
  • Reset your network setting on Android device after checking. The problem will be definitely fixed as this is a common issue so nothing big deal with that.

Fix Heating problem on Android devices

There are two reasons for Android to heat up where one is phone system on chip and other one is one is phone battery facing heating problem. This can be solved by following steps.

  •  While charging the phone remove the phone case
  • At the same time as charging do not play games
  • Charging Android device with an original device will keep device charge for longer time. But over charging can cause heating problem
  • Do not install too much of 3rd party apps which will run on background without your knowing.
  • Do not keep the phone directly under the sunlight.

Fix Slow opening of apps on Android device

This problem is very familiar as I too face this problem a lot. This is due to the improper RAM management of your Android device. If there is any problem with you then fix this by following the steps.

  • First check if your phone internal storage has enough space left if not then uninstall the apps you don’t use for longer period.
  • Use the lite version of applications available in Google Play Store this will reduce the RAM usage
  • Then make sure you don’t install any type of Mod apps this will definitely speed up the RAM

Fix The unexpectedly shutting down off Android device

This problem is very commonly found and you are facing this problem on your Smartphone then fix it by following steps.

  • If the temperature of the phone rises to maximum level then shutting down is required to avoid heating issues.
  • Do not use heavy back covers or heavy fancy covers as it can also cause heating
  • If still facing sudden shutdown then factory reset your Android device .It may solve most of the issues or else take it to the service center nearby to resolve the problem.

Fix Screen to hang or frozen on Android

Playing games on Android and making call all together can stuck/hang can lead the Android. This issue can be fixed by updating the latest operating system available on your Smartphone or any app then go to application->setting and force stop. The app which is creating trouble then cleans the caches and if needed then factory reset the Android device to solve the problem.

Fix Proximity sensor not working issue on Android

If your Android device proximity sensor is not working then try the solutions.

  • First is always use the original tempered glass and remove the duplicate one as they are not meant for heavy duty
  • Second solution will be resetting the device so that most of the problems get fixed

Fix Sudden crash of games or apps

App crashes suddenly or unexpectedly on your Android then it is a common problem, hence can be affixed by updating your apps to the latest version on installing and again re-installing the app to fix the sudden touch problem.

  •  If the phone power saving mode is disabled then enable it.
  •  If still experiencing the problem then go to setting-> application manager clean the caches

Unable to download apps from Google Play Store on Android

If here having problem in downloading the apps from the Google Play Store then do the following;

  • First reboot your phone and see if the problem is resolved or not if not then clean the Play Store by searching history go to setting and go to application manager and clean Play Store caches

Well these are the common problems that can be fixed by perfect measures. If still having issues then the service center for any android device will come into rescue. If you have any other issues then do comment us.

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