ipad black screen issue

iPad is one of the most valuable gadgets that Apple has endowed with. Since the introduction of the original iPad in the year 2009 in Apple’s media conference, things have changed a lot. Today’s iPads are more gigantic, feature enriched and include handy features like Apple Pencil support that gives aid to creativity devoid of any third party app.

The new iPad now replaces Air 2 and the Pro Series of Pads come packed with enhanced speakers, smaller bezels, and no home button. While some users might not love Apple going out of the traditional design, but still it’s keeping pace with the growing industry. The new iPad Pro is assumed to make grand entry into the market due to its awsome features.

However, though iPad since day one has remained the numero uno choice for many a Apple lovers, but still it has its own issues that might create a nasty experience for the users. The common issue marked in the iPad often is the Black Screen experience. When the iPad stucks into black screen, it neither responds to touch nor operates. Because this issue is not new and is reported every year, so there is no permanent fix to this. But yes, we can help you to come out of this.

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Here in this article, we shall lead you through the steps to fix the iPad black screen issue. But before followig the below mentioned steps you need to ensure that you have rebooted your device because often rebooting your device also might solve your problems like apps crashing, unresponsive keyboard, or Touch ID not working etc. To reboot your new generation iPad, you need to press hold the Top Button and then either the Volume Up or Volume Down button. Next, slide finger to turn off your iPad and then press hold the top button until you see the Apple logo.

Charge your iPad

One major cause of your iPad getting stuck into black screen is the low battery back up. So whenever you find your iPad facing such issue, you must recharge it immidiately for 20 minutes at least. After this issue must be fixed. Sometimes the battery also needs to be replaced. In this case you can use a third party app called coconutBattery which can let you know if your battery is needed to get replaced. The coconutBattery app is mostly used to determine the battery health of your iOS device.

Take out Infected Apps

At times, the infected apps turn to be the reason why you see a black screen on your app. Fortunately, iOS allows you to see which apps behave weired on your iPad. To know which apps behave weired on your iPad, go to Settings>Battery and there you can see which apps runs in the background or drain maximum battery. Now close or un-install these apps and now your back screen issue must be sort.

Update to new OS Version

After taking the above mentioned steps, if the app still shows the same issue then it might need to get upgraded to the latest OS version. Because the new software always comes with bug fixes, so this can lead to finding a solution. To update your iPad, go to Settings on homescreen>General>Software Update. Here you can check if any update is available. If available, then ensure that you update it.

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Restore your iPad

If any of the above mentioned steps did not work for you, then the last option is to Reset your iPad. Because restoring your device will wipe out all data, so ensure to create a back up before restore.

To restore your iPad, go to iTunes on your Mac and then connect it to your iPad. Then wait for your iPad to show up in iTunes and once it appears, click Restore.

If all the above mentioned steps did not sort out your issue, then let me know in the comment section. I shall try to find out if any other solution is available for you.


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