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How to Get Facebook Home for Any Android Device

Facebook Home

Recently we posted a tweak to get the pre-release version of Facebook home. Now we are back with another awesome trick to get the same for any device. Have a look.

The Facebook was finally out on the Play Store for folks to enjoy. But unfortunately, for very high end devices like Nexus tabs and HTC one. Anyways, the devs and modders don’t just sit with hand crossed. With a new app on row, they started tweaking it. And according to their terminology, they have unlocked it. And now you can use it any device. And moreover, it requires no root or no no insecure kernels. Just a simple install as a plain app.

And those for guys who have missed what Facebook Home is. It is an alternate shell developed by Facebook by forking the original Android shell, designed with keeping social connectivity is mind. It’s designed to be integrated with Facebook in every aspect.

Starting from message apps that show chat heads and camera apps that show share buttons, tagging etc. this shell app puts social connectivity on the go. If you are crazy about being connected round the clock, this is best for you. Well, this is not so much extensive forking that you might expect, it is surely something that you will be surprised. It revamps the Android “holo” interface introducing transparency effects and a user interface which is a bit matching to the Facebook web interface.

Of late a developer theos0o, has modded the original apk and has “unlocked” it allowing us to run it on any device running Android. Originally the app supported only high end devices as mentioned above. Now with is mod, we can install the same in any device, without any rooting or system mod and enjoy the experience of Facebook home.


  1. An Android device running on at least Android 4.0 ICS. Though we didn’t get the opportunity to test it on higher versions, we hope that it will work fine.
  2. These APKs:
    Facebook Home and Katana
    Orca SMS reader


  • If you have a version of the Facebook for Android installed in your system, uninstall it.
  • Enable “Install Applications from Unknown Sources” option in Settings if you have not already done so. We shall side load some apps to your system.
  • Download the files, extract using an unarchiver and transfer them to your device (if downloaded on computer).
  • Fire up your favorite file manager and browse to the downloaded files. Install the apks and reboot your phone. Alternatively, you can even use adb to install the apps on your phone.
  • Enable Facebook home from Facebook app settings
  • You are now ready to enjoy with Facebook home.

Steps for Devices with Pre-Installed Facebook Client:

If you have Facebook pre-installed, then the steps become more intricate. But don’t worry there is a workaround, but it is a bit more complicated. And requires to root your device.

After downloading the Facebook Home APKs you will simply need to install them to your device. But before that you need to delete the pre-installed apps that came with your device.

Note: You shall require super-user permissions to remove apks from “/system” partition. You need a rooted device to work with. Be warned that rootings and modifying system files may brick your device. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. BLOGZAMANA SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBEL FOR ANY LOSS OR BRICK OF DEVICE ARISING FROM FOLLOWING ANY STEPS DESCRIBED IN THIS TUTORIAL. Anyways, should you fall into any pits, we are there to help you. Just leave a comment describing your problem.

  • Fire up your favourite file manager and find the location of Facebook in your system partition usually /system/app/Facebook.apk or /system/app/Facebook_Client.apk. If your file manager does not allow you to fiddle with /system then you can use a terminal.
  • Delete the file. But remember to back it up before. You require to be super user before you can mess with system partition.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Go to the play store and install Facebook from the Play Store then and then uninstall it. (Believe me, there’s no other workaround, I agree… It’s just a waste of data)
  • Install the downloaded APKs.
  • Reboot.
  • Enable Facebook home from Facebook app settings.

Walla, you are now ready to go live with Facebook home.

Stay tuned to BlogZamana for more exciting Android tips and tricks.

Credits:theos0o at xda-developers
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