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How to tag WiFi access points as mobile hotspots on your android device?

hotspot tagging

There are many reasons for which we need WiFi access points as mobile hotspots. If you are using a tablet without a mobile data connection of its own then an WiFi access point is needed. If you are travelling overseas and want to avoid data roaming charges, then  you need an WiFi access point.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean allows to tag WiFi access points as mobile hotspots. When you set up a connection between two Android Jelly Bean devices you need not to worry about the settings as it has its own data plan. The device can identify that it is hooked up with a more strong access point. It makes possible for the users to tag WiFi access point as mobile hotspots. The latest version of android also provides WiFi access points as mobile hotspots. Android Jelly Bean knows the perfect use of data plan which are expensive in a limited way. It has come up with an option to easily mark all these processes for better control of mobile data.

Android itself deals with everything if both the versions are running 4.1 or higher Jelly Bean options. You shall not face any problem in dealing a connection between a Jelly Bean operated device and other non Jelly Bean android devices. It’s possible to set a  connection between such devices. But at first, you have to tell your android device about it and also you have to inform the device that you are on the mobile hotspot. This is a very simple process. Just have a look on the tips.


  • First of all you just need to navigate to the settings > Data usage.
  • Then tap on the option ‘Reading Dots’.
  • Next click on the Dots and the mobile hotspot just starts. And just by clicking on it a new page just starts within no time.
  • Now you will be prompted with a list of provided networks, but for that you should select the network and the manual part ends.
  • After all this processes, the android device gets the information about the use of mobile hotspot and it will limit the data usage.
  • You can set some manual restrictions and the device will take care of them.

So, is not it easy to tag WiFi access points as mobile hotspots on your Android device? Then what to wait for? Just follow the said processes and you can easily access the mobile hotspots. Let’s know if you face some major problems.

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