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It’s time for 5G Technology, all set to begin in India this year

5G Technology, one of the most sought after and awaited technologies of the decade to be started in India and finally the date has come. We know, all of you are desperate to run the 5G technology in your Smartphones and Huawei just recently confirmed that Indian Telecom Operators will soon start adopting the 5G technology by this year. The company CEO Jay Chen just now said that the technology will run up to 1000 MBPS download speed in the country.

Confirming the news, the CEO said told to PTI, “I can tell you massive MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) technology (part of 5G technology) will go to India this year.We have had discussions with leading telecom operators who are interested and right now it is only available with Huawei for commercial deployment.” He also further ensured that in the next three years a wide scale 5G deployment is gonna take place in India.

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Chen also added that they had a discussion with the Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal about the business to business, business to consumer and business to home 5G solution services which impressed the Chairman a lot. Before Mr. Sunil Mittal had already said the MIMO technology starting in India with Huawei and ZTE is capable to increase the spectrum capability up to 8 times at just an additional 20 percent cost.

Chen also said that the 5G standard is expected to strengthen the following year. “We have already deployed 4.5G network in 13 circles across India which with minor upgrades can be transformed to 5G. With 4G subscriber base in India increasing, the download speed will reduce for which operators will need to begin start 4.5G services,” he said.

In addition to this, the upcoming 5G technology will also change the procedure to provide Network coverage to subscribers. Confirming the development, he said “At present, subscribers runs to connect with the network. We are ready with pilots for multi MIMO technology that will follow subscribers. Dedicated spectrum frequency (beam forming) will connect with device of the subscribers and follow them wherever they go.”

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With the growing spectrum in the Indian Telecom Industry, the opportunity to deploy latest technologies like 5G is growing significantly and this trend will take the Indian Telecom sectors ahead to compete with the telecom technology in rest of the world.

So now we will wait to see, when exactly the 5G Technology is going to hit the Indian continent. To get further update on this, keep visiting BlogZamana.

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