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Nexus 5 Available at Best Buy at $149 with Two-years Contract

nexus 5 at best buy

In our previous articles we had made it clear that after months of rumours the Google Nexus 5 was finally announced by Google and the this time also demand for the Smartphone exceeded supply and hence Google had to extended the shipping dates from 5 days to 3-5 weeks, within a few hours of its official Play Store launch. We hope you can better understand the demand and supply gap.

However, it might be a great news for those who have not already placed their orders at Google Play that the Smartphone is also now available at the eminent carrier Best Buy just at $149, but if you make a two-year contract with Sprint. You can also take hands on the unlocked variant, but it will cost you around $449.99 (the16 GB Nexus 5) which is almost $100 more than Google Play. Interestingly, the device sold at Google Play & Best Buy carry the same model no D820 which is likely to receive the latest firmware updates first.

However, the fact is clear that Best Buy is for sure demanding more for the Nexus 5 in comparison to Google Play. But what we estimate, as a user you can be beneficial after purchasing the device from nexus 5 right away, since you have not wait for 3 to 5 weeks. Moreover, you can save up to $200 dollars after undergoing a two-year contract with Sprint, whereas you don’t have to pay $15 as the shipping charge to Google even! Am I right?

Well, you would definitely love to hear that the device is available in both black and white color variants at Smart Buy, but alas; only for pre-orders. Best Buy is supposed to start delivering the device to pre-orders from 8th of November, the same date on which the said US Carrier will start debuting Nexus 5.

If you want to take another look on the detailed specs and features of Google Nexus 5, then you can find the same here.

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