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Play Store latest APK version 4.4.21 is Available for Download Prior to Its Official Release

Play Store version 4.4.21

Almost all android phone users are undoubtedly well-known about the Google Play Store since it’s the hub and definitely it’s a good news that the latest APK version 4.4.21 is now Available for Download. But you might ask, is it an official release? Then we shall say of course not. But it’s safe to flash & one you can download and install it in your device now.

Then you might wonder how the software is available for download prior to its release! In fact, the Android 4.4 Kitkat is getting ready for an official release by the end of this month and in the interim, the personnel at AndroidPolice managed to put their hands on this latest version of Play Store. However, official version of the software is yet on testing phase and is supposed to go on floors along with KitKat OS Update.

The basic change you will notify in the latest version of Play Store is the “Slide-out” navigation which will allow you to go for choices in slides. Same version of the software or a better one is expected to release by Google, but to get the one you have to wait for weeks all together. Google is also supposed to add the Newsstand app along with this release.

If you want to download it now, then you can download it from here. Once download is complete, save the file on your handset. Then open the file and confirm the upgrade. Now click the launch button to enter into the latest version of Play Store app. You will mark numerous major changes in the app, apart from the Slide-Out navigation panel and Newsstand app. So, just hover inside the Play Store to mark the changes in parcels and let’s know if it seems better than the prior one.

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