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Suffering from Stress and Anxiety? Must try these Mental Health apps

Mental illness can be a dark and lonely place, but you don't have to suffer alone. There is strength in seeking help and support, Here are few apps that can help you!

Since a firm foundation is necessary for a stable house, mental health is the cornerstone of our general well-being. We handle the obstacles of life with perseverance and grace because our minds are the control centres that regulate our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. It makes it possible for us to have deep relationships with others, follow our passions, and live happy lives. Neglecting our mental health can have disastrous effects, yet putting it first enables us to thrive. In other words, maintaining good mental health is essential to realising our potential and leading fulfilling lives.

Android Apps

  • Headspace: This well-known mindfulness and meditation software provides a selection of guided meditations, breathing techniques, and sleep stories to help you unwind, lower your stress level, and enhance your mental health.
  • Calm: Another well-liked app, Calm, provides guided meditations, breathing techniques, and calming music to lower stress, enhance sleep quality, and improve mental health generally.
  • Woebot: It is a chatbot that can help you manage your anxiety and depression using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. The software uses chatbot chats to offer individualised support and direction.
  • Talkspace: Talkspace is a therapy app that offers messaging, audio, and video chats with qualified therapists. For those who might not have access to conventional therapy, the app offers handy and reasonably priced therapy options.
  • Happify: It is a mental health software that provides games and activities based on scientific research to help you manage stress, develop resilience, and enhance your general wellbeing. Also, the app offers individualised support and feedback.
  • Moodfit: Moodfit is an app for managing your mental health that includes a variety of tools and resources to help you manage and enhance your mood. It involves approaches from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness exercises, and mood tracking.
  • Sanvello: Sanvello is an app that offers assistance to users who are coping with stress, despair, and anxiety. It provides a range of tools and resources, such as guided meditations, exercises based on CBT, and mood tracking.
  • NOCD: An software called NOCD was created especially for OCD patients. It suggests various techniques to lessen the severity of your symptoms and matches you with a therapist for possible treatment options.
  • PTSD Coach: It might be challenging to treat PTSD or even get a diagnosis, but PTSD Coach is here to assist. It provides support and direction as you deal with your symptoms, from self-evaluations to soothing techniques.
  • notOK : It is designed for people who are having suicidal thoughts. It serves as a panic alarm to let people know you need assistance.

Mental illness can be a dark and lonely place, but you don’t have to suffer alone. There is strength in seeking help and support, and taking that first step can be the beginning of a powerful journey towards healing and recovery.

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