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Update Samsung Galaxy S2 to Get 50GB Dropbox Space for Free


After several firmware update, Samsung Galaxy S2 has got a new official update. Well, the update brings goodness of free 50 GB Dropbox space so that user can keep all their files in air. This update is from Samsung i.e. official Jellybean 4.1.2 XWLSN firmware. This update also got rear camera bug fixes, battery heating issues, discontinuity of WiFi and many new features. Features include two home screen, new lock screen and widgets from Galaxy S3. Just go through the article to update your device and rejoice the privilege of using the free space.

Since its an official update which means getting of warranty back and revoking from root access. Rooting has other advantages like root required apps and application of custom ROM, but losses warranty. Users waiting to get back the original firmware, has the only opportunity to treat their device with official update.


  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Windows PC
  • Original USB cable
  • Battery power must be of 40% or more
  • Backup of important files is necessary so doing it is a cleaver choice
  • Enable the USB Debugging by Settings > Applications > Development and tick the box


  • Jellybean 4.1.2 XWLSN firmware pack
  • Odin

Procedure to update the Galaxy S2 with Official Jellybean 4.1.2 XWLSN firmware:

  1. First thing first and that is removal of caches. This caches are the elements that hangs the device or sometimes brick it too. It is vital work to get rid of caches. This can be done by taking the device is recovery mode and for  that press VOL UP KEY+ HOME + POWER BUTTON all together. Release the buttons and select wipe data cache and wipe data/ factory reset. Go back and select reboot system now.
  2. Then download the above two required files in your computer from given link. Do not hurry or hustle and download the file without any mistake. Now with suitable files extractor, extract both the files and place them in desktop.
  3. Now take your Galaxy S2 and switch it off. After power off, take the phone and press VOL DOWN KEY+ HOME+ POWER BUTTON all together.
  4. In the desktop double click on Odin execution file to launch it. Via original USB cable connect the phone to computer. The Odin detects the phone and the ID:COM box turns yellow. If this doesn’t happen then the Samsung KIES might have not got update through internet.
  5. Well, select PDA and click on the tar file and then hit start in odin panel. Wait for few minutes and afterwards the PASS message appears mentioning that the update is successful. The phone will reboot automatically and then detach the cable.

Congratulations, you have learned the procedure to update your Samsung Galaxy S2 with official 4.1.2 Jellybean update XWLSN Firmware to get few bug fix and 50 GB Dropbox space.

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