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Verizon Stands the First Mobile Carrier to Push Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy S4

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

Prior to this we had informed you about the Vrizon Moto X being updated with the major Android 4.2 OTA firmware and now we have the exciting report that the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 has started receiving the official Jelly Bean 4.3 Update starting from 28 October. We are still in doubt, if the news is really true but the info got revealed from official Update page of Samsung. If the news comes true, then Samsung will be the first carrier to go through this major update in the United States.

However, the latest update that carries the firmware version number VRUEMJ7 for Samsung Galaxy S4 will definitely prove a boon for the users since it will come equipped with numerous latest improvements like support for Galaxy Gear, the latest OS version, Group Play 2.5 that we find in the latest Galaxy Note 3, & Samsung KNOX Security etc. Flashing the firmware into your device will also enable Verizon’s AWS Band 4 and will bring a number of minor tweaks and augmentations.

Since this an OTA update, you will receive the update directly in the notification panel of your device & hence keep eye on the same. In case you don’t receive the update, you also can check it manually by going to your Settings Menu => Software Updates => Firmware Update, if available any. If available then simply click on it once to download & install the firmware once it gets downloaded. You are highly recommended to get connected to a WiFi network during installation, since the flash will use much of your mobile data.

Apart from Verizon, all other major US carriers are also planning to receive the Jelly Bean 4.3 Update for their Galaxy S4 devices. But the update might take place in Q1 of November. So if the update has really started is yet a doubt. But I hope you guys can clarify the doubt. If you are a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 user, then just peep into the notification panel of your device or take a manual search and let’s know if the news is true!

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