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Free Surfing, Texting and Calling with SIMPOSSIBLE Network


Tired of recharging your SIM? If I tell you there is a service that offers free surfing, free texting and free calling then what would you say? No, there is not. But, as a matter fact, there is. The service is named as ‘SIMPOSSIBLE’, the combination of ‘Simple’ and ‘Possible’, and is initiated by Aircel. This isn’t the first one of Aircel, earlier, the telco made partnership with Blyk, under the partnership free services with ad promos were provided. However, here the only difference is SIMPOSSIBLE is totally free and currently available for the customers of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Now the question is how to get connected with SIMPOSSIBLE network. Actually it’s kind of easy, in fact, as the promo video says, it’s as easy as 1, 2 & 3. Just log on to simpossible.in and register yourself there. Just fill out the registration form and get the free SIM delivered at your doorstep. However, the official who will deliver the SIM will ask for the required documents in addition to your pictures. So get them ready. As soon as he/she delivers the SIM just hand over the required documents and a nominal fee of Rs.35/-. Or you can visit your nearest Aircel outlets to get a SIMPOSSIBLE card. When all the essential procedures are done, your service will be activated within 4 hours.

Each day, you’ll get free 5 MB data usage, free 5 SMSes and 5 Minutes free call. Moreover, if you refer someone to join the network, you and the person you referred to both will get free 5 minutes of calling for free. So if you have referred to 10 people and they joined the network, then you get 1500 minutes of free calling for 30 days. The network also has a loyalty program, which adds some points to your account when you refer a friend, recharge or do other relevant stuffs. You can redeem them for exciting benefits.

So log on to simpossible.in now and register yourself to gain free benefits.  If you have any doubts call 9700102323 (Hyderabad) or 8553002323 (Bangalore). For further details about the network, check out the official promo video below.

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