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Android Wear 4.4W.1 Update released by Google

Dear Readers! You must have this idea that how the Android Wear devices are getting popular day-by-day in the world market and how those are gaining momentum to-wards being a major part of human life. In last few days we have seen numerous manufacturing companies have launched a number of Android Wear devices such as the Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch, and Samsung Gear Live etc. which have bagged immense popularity among the users. I also in some of my articles have informed you in some of my before articles. However, today in this article I  want to inform you that Google has lately released a new update called the 4.4W.1 android wear update for the android wear devices. Also Google is busy planning to launch a few more back-to-back updates in the following three months.

Well, this is not a much major update. But will definitely have considerable impact on your device since it will make some notable changes in your device post update. The updated features include getting detailed business end point listing while using the navigation feature, options to choose the mode of navigation, if it’s walking, driving or public transportation in your Smart wear. Besides, you can also witness few changes to the Alaram functionality of your device. Now you can set your Alaram to repeat on fixed days in a week or repeat the whole week, the exact feature that you experience in your Smartphone. Right? Many other little updates are there which you will love to experience post updating this firmware in your Android wear device.

Well, you might wonder why Google brings these updates and is not the existing updates sufficient to fill your purpose? After all, we use the smartwears sync with our Smartphones! Right? Exactly, that’s what Google also thinks. In fact, Google doesn’t want that users have to depend on their Smartphones to function their Smartwear device. That’s why, the giant is thinking on adding some new features like GPS support, offline music playback, & custom watch etc. which will make the Android wear more prominent and independent. Ultimate motto behind this attempt of Google is to make the Android Wear device more sufficient and work like a Smartphone. As we told you before that popularity for these devices are constantly growing among users, you can mark that last week in the Berline IFA trade show, a number of wearable devices got launched. So the trend is on pick.

In the meantime, you forget not to share your views with us that what you think about this growing popularity of Smart watches? Don’t you think that one day they can accurately replace the huge demand of Smartphones?

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