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Beats Studio Buds or AirPods Pro: Which one to Buy?

Are you confused with Beats Studio Buds or AirPods Pro, which one o buy for your smart device? Then you are at the right place to clear your doubts and make a perfect choice.

Designed for iOS and Android users, the new $150 Beats Studio Bud Headphone offers excellent sound quality and capabilities in a seamless design. The latest Beats headphones are a clear indication of how the company shares two competing personalised voice brands.

Beats Studio Buds is a bit unusual for an Apple product. So Apple owns Beats for those who won’t be able to pass this acquisition in 2014. Unlike Apple’s famous universal AirPod headphones, these original new Beats noise-cancelling headphones are also designed for Android users too.

Beaters say it gives iOS and Android users “universal” information, which is completely wrong, but does that raise the question of whether it’s good or bad? “Well, it depends on the location of the operating system. They are great headphones, but they feel good on the AirPods Pro, which is popular with Apple users.

At $ 150, they’re very similar to standard AirPods, but with more obsessive noise-cancelling and clarity like AirPods Pro. It comes in three colours: red, white and black and like other Beat headphones. They could come in many more colours in the future. This will come to the UK this summer for £ 130 and then to Australia for $ 200.

Physical features of Airpods and Beat Studio buds

5.1 grams with weight only the Air pods are. Overall, it was found to be too many of the physical features of Airpods.  It is well designed with a physical universal control button on each bud. To noise cancelling, transparency on and noise-cancelling off, tap-hold the bud to toggle. There are usual signal to tap to pause play music and answer reject calls. But the volume controls on the buds are missing.

Beats is having silicone earlobes. We have a strong seal in the upper channel to keep the bud in good shape. They are just as comfortable as the AirPods Pro and I think they are slightly higher than the AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro but let me complete about their designs and features first.

However, you may get a little slippery on sweating but you can manage well. These are IPX4 splashproof buds and fit better than the Powerbeats Pro. These buds are designed for iPhone and Android. This does not allow the use of the AirPods Pro device but also the USB-C port. Moreover, the experience of using the buds with iOS and Android is similar.

There is a quick one-touch feature for both iOS and Android. With the Beats app for Android, you can check battery life, switch from noise cancelling to transparency mode (or disable) and receive firmware upgrades.

The app’s feature is limited. For example, there are no EQ controls for tuning the sound report if you care about that. But Beats says these are the first product to support both Find My in iOS and Find My Device on Android. It’ll show the previously identified location of the buds or play a chirping sound if they’re nearby and you just don’t see them.

Apple users only command by saying Hey Siri but Android users have no free hand feature. Well, Android users have to use their original voice assistant by tap holding the one bud.


There is similarity for Apple and Android users are that the Beats Studio Buds don’t have an H1 or W1 chip. There’s no iCloud pairing across all your Apple devices, and thus no auto-switching. Apple describes, “If your other iOS and iPad devices have the same Apple ID as the iPhone, connect AirPods to any device you’re listening to without interference.”

It’s a valid feature for Apple users, this is equivalent to multipoint Bluetooth pairing, and it’s one of the best features of high-end wireless headphones. The Studio Buds can annoy those that aren’t available, especially if using an older Apple or Beats model.

Although there is no Bluetooth multiplayer pairing that allows you to connect two devices, for example with your computer and phone, you can connect to multiple devices and access the Bluetooth menu. lost. It works, but it’s not an amazing experience.

Another thing missing is local sound from watching movies and TV. It has Apple’s virtual environment and is great if you haven’t tried it yet. They don’t have the head-tracking gyroscope or accelerometer they need to locate the video. They work for local music on Apple Music, but it’s not as big as all headphones.

Last but not least, ears do not have the ability to see, so your songs won’t stop when you take them out of your ears and won’t repeat when you put them on. Noise-cancelling battery life is compatible with AirPods Pro, and you can get two extra charges from a charger that doesn’t have wireless charging. If the charge is dropped completely, it will take about two hours for the case to fully charge. And you’ll get an hour of playback after five minutes of charging. Beats call this special feature fast fuel.


The transparency mode of Beats Studio Buds is natural sounds, so at least it’s in the best transparency of the AirPods Pro’s ballpark, though it may not be.

Calling is also a good thing here. Air pods Pro doesn’t work with the original performance and performance video decoding functionality. There are three microphones in each brief; each section has a microphone with your voice. Callers say they listen better to what I say even after traffic noise is much louder.

These are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and they don’t have issues with wireless dropouts or Bluetooth glitching, so far all good. The bass is well defined and the overall sound is well balanced, with beautiful detail in the high-pitched, natural-sounding mids. Bits engineers have spent a lot of time creating custom 8.2mm drivers for them and I think the wording of the AirPods Pro is a bit clearer and more detailed.

But I think a lot of people will be happy with the noise of the Beats Studio Buds and want a better switch from Sony, which costs well over a hundred. The Beats Studio Buds are on hand to order immediately and start shipping on June 24.


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