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Cheapest Plan for Jio Phone, Unlimited Calling at just 40 Rupees

Even in this ongoing COVID situation, Jio stands as the number one operator to provide cheapest tariff plans to its customers. No mater you compare with 84 days plans or any other plans, Jio plans will definitely seem cheaper. Jio always has two types of pre-paid plans, one for Smartphones and the others for Jio Feature phones. But the Jio phone plans are much cheaper in comparison to the Jio Smartphone plans. So let’s know about the cheapest Jio plan today.

Cheapest Plan for Jio Phone

The cheapest tariff plan for Jio phone is Rs. 39. In this price the users get the benefit to make unlimited calls to all networks. Besides, the users also get 1400 MB Internet data in this plan. This plan is valid for 39 days and everyday the users would get 100 MB internet usage. After 100 MB usage, the internet will run on 64kbps. You will also get free subscription to all Jio Apps in this plan like the Jio Smartphone plans.

 Other Plans for Jio Phone

Jio also has a Rs. 69 plan for the Jio phones which is valid for the same 14 days, but you will get 500 MB data in it. Besides, you also get unlimited calling to all networks along with free subscription to all Jio Apps. The 28 days validity plan for Jio Phones is Rs.75. This plan also includes 500MB + additional 200MB Internet data plan for users.

So if you are an internet freak and you want more data for your Jio phone, then you can opt for the Rs. 155 plan which is valid for 28 days and provides daily 1GB internet data. This plan too provides unlimited free calling to all networks with free subscription to all Jio apps.

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