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There are many keyboards available in the Google Play store from SWYPE to Swiftkey. But Google has come up with all new native keyboard for all the Android device. Eventually this Google Keyboard is default keyboard in Google Nexus device and now you will check out how it is installed in your Android device. In addition you will get to know about the features involve in it and the link to download the apk file.


There are two rewound companies like Samsung and HTC who uses their own Keyboards. Yes, its true that HTC One and Galaxy S4 has their own default keyboard and for that few criticize them, but who cares! Moreover, the best part of this Google Keyboard app is that it does not required any rooting as other apps ask for. It also comes with new and unsullied user user interface, where other apps like SWYPE and Swiftkey to bring this feature soon. Well, the good news is that it’s all free for Android users.

So, you might be wondering what are the things you would see in this Google Keyboard app? Well, the app comes with goodness of Google itself and all new 26 language dictionaries. The layout is very advanced that works on both Android tablets and smartphones. You can also type through your voice commands means voice typing and have gesture typing too. The gesture typing supports dynamic floating preview. When you drag your finger across the letter on board then the predictive word appears. This is the best part which suggests the next-word as well as the current-word completions. By default the user names and names in the contacts also appear. These are the highlights of Google Keyboard and you can get it easily from here. This is a revolutionary for me and might be for you too. You might compare this with other two keyboards that we suggested earlier but those are not solid as Google’s official Keyboard app.

It is available in the Google Play store and if you want to download the Google Keyboard app apk ( then go ahead and click the link. Google will soon come with more updates on Google Play Music All Access, Gmail and Maps. Best of luck and hope you enjoy the app like any other. Do not forget to like the facebook and Google + of blogzamana.

  1. ICSE Java says

    It’s good that we will be having a new default keyboard. 🙂

  2. Free Android Apk says

    Thanks for sharing it because its useful and i didn’t know about it.
    It looks gr8 and hope its better to use!!
    Thanks a lot!!

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