Microsoft released the first Windows 8.1 preview video


On 6th June Microsoft shows the first preview video of Windows 8.1 before the public launch at the BUILD developer conference which will be on June 26, 2013. In this video Windows UX Director of Program Management Jensen Harris focused on the improvements and changes made in Windows 8.1. It will come with new features like more personalized lock screen and Start screen NFC-printing and fingerprint reader support. The advanced search option achieved a new height with the use of Bing to get results, and the layout is also very attractive, you can view the result directly below the search box.

In first look it may not look very different from Windows 8 but its functionality is more advanced and different and easy to use, like now you can sort all your installed program by different categories by date of installation and even by the most used application, which will pop up at the top of the page. It also offers to pin the apps in the home.

Start button perhaps the most favorite option for Windows users is back in Windows 8 in the name of Start tip. By clicking the new Start tip the users will go to the tiled home screen, where they can select their desired program.

The new version will also include the Start button which was missing in Windows 8. Windows 8.1 also features new colors and motion-sensing wallpapers. It also offers different tile sizes with advanced options to manage the tiles on Start Screen to make your start screen more personalized. Windows 8.1 users can even boot directly to Desktop or any other preferred screen.


According to Jensen Harris when you open multiple apps in Windows 8.1, It will automatically split the screen for individual apps and at a time you can view four apps opened. This new version using the benefits of SkyDrive so now you can download or upload your content to your local computer without opening separate apps. It also includes multitasking, different colored panels for better navigation, thumbnails of webpages related to your query and lots more.

You must be very exited reading the news and watching the snapshots.Hold on your excitement till June 26 , 2013 Microsoft will release Windows 8.1 to the public on that day.

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