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Electronic Arts (EA) Releases Supreme Heroes in Three Locations of USA

supreme heroes

Now-a-days card, games have become a much popular game source for game lovers across the gaming world. Few days ago Electronic Arts (EA), the American Distributor of  video games was purchasing several domains with the name of “Supreme Heroes”. And finally Electronic Arts has released a new multiplayer TCG (Trading Card Game) entitled ‘Supreme Heroes’, with a very soft start to be available in three locations only. Right now the game will be available only in Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. This free game features customizable super hero cards. Concept of the game revolves around the need of a hero in a city. So it allows you to create your own superhero, add to the fight against enemy and defeat them in a strategic card battle. It allows creating players on your own with a more than 1000 costumes and attributes.

You have to make your selection and hence this part is pretty impressive. Your super hero is capable to fight with the evil. You will also be able to fight with bandits and also against other players. One more feature is you can play leagues online with your friends and fight with them and get rewards. This strategic card game comes with a thousand gear options and costumes, so customization is much more interesting. You can add collected points to customize and add equipment to your avatars. In the combat, Comparison will be made to decide who is the winner. To become a legend, protect the city by defeating the bad guys and be a model of justice.

Online playing is much interesting in these card games. Supreme heroes game allows you to participate in timely events weekly and you can win prizes too. Play more to build an emotional engagement with the super hero in a unique comic book style. Also you can play the superhero in a comic book style strategic combat game. When you join leagues, you and your friends can fight together against other leagues. These type of leagues can also have multiple teams as member to take up who is stronger in the game. There will be optional in-game purchases available for booster packs of cards. This card battler game is full of fun and best thing in it  is that, it’s more strategic as a card game.

The game is available in Google play store with the name EA Swiss Sarl, it’s the Supreme Heroes V.1.0.0. Download it for your android phones and tablets. Supreme Heroes will receive weekly content updates to the game. It will add more player v/s player tournament and many other special events. You can also use the Supreme Heroes in-game buttons for help and supports. It will connect directly to the support team. As it is released in only three locations, Electronic Arts is gradually going to release Supreme Heroes worldwide in next several weeks.

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