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Jellybean Bugs Fix Pack for Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Epic 4g Touch

By time the bugs arrived in particular device, the fixation of errors is out for the actual ROM. Here we are gonna provide you bugs fix pack for Samsung Epic 4G Touch.  Along with the couple of fixes, the developer Exit_Only added few new features in his pack. Well, these tweaks are only meant for AOSP based ROMs. So what fixes are you getting in this pack? Have a look-

  • Stable library fix for Gyroscope and Compass
  • The battery life increased by various scripts and so as the performance but its still in developing stage
  • GPS lock is fasten and the modifications are much better
  • Stable sysctl tweaks
  • Build.prop tweaks added but still in alpha stage

Caution: Note that this developed pack is not official and users must be responsible for all damage (if happens). This pack is only for Jellybean AOSP build device, trying on Gingerbread or Ice cream sandwich will brick the device.


  • ASOP Jellybean build Samsung Epic 4G Touch
  • Windows XP
  • USB cable
  • Charge the battery if it’s less than 50% to avoid shut done in the middle of the application
  • Backup data in case of loss


Tweak pack for JB AOSP build Epic 4G Touch (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1975379)

Procedure to apply the bugs fix pack on Epic 4G Touch easily:

  1. First check the system firmware by tapping on settings> about phone and check whether it is treated with AOSP Jellybean or not.
  2. After that download the pack from above downloadable link in computer.
  3. Now its time to place the zip pack in the SD card of the Epic 4G Touch with the help of USB cable. Do not save it in sub folder.
  4. Then detach the device and switch of the device to enter into recovery mode. Well, press and hold the VOL UP+ MIDDLE BUTTON+ POWER BUTTON. Then leave the fingers from the buttons when the logo appears on the screen.
  5. In this mode wipe data, clean cache and to do this select Advanced option and clear & wipe the Dalvik cache present in your phone.
  6. Select install ZIP from SD card and choose the same to flash the tweak in the device. This will take rather 3 minutes to install.
  7. To boot into normal mode select reboot system now option.

Well, you have solved and fixed the bug problem that was trouble too long on Samsung Epic 4G Touch. If you find any doubt then do consult with us.

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