Freemake Music Box: Listen Favorite songs Without Downloading MP3 File


Free Music Box is a free universal audio and streaming music player that offers the fastest way to find and stream legal online music to your computer. It lets you to search your favorite music and present the results sorted by artist, album or song title. It also presents multiple music results for a specific song. You can also organize and save playlists for future play back. Now Free Music Box is integrated with Youtube.

Features of Free Music Box:

  1. Find, filter and stream music in real time.
  2. Play back any audio files of your media library.
  3. Loop, pause, fast-forward tracks.
  4. Add files by drag and drop or simply search for them in the search bar.
  5. Use intelligent music suggestions and query auto-correction.
  6. Delivers multiple music results for any taste.
  7. Build up and save playlists for future play back.
  8. Import your existing playlists from other music players:
  9. Filter all your music result by album, artist or song title.

To search a particular song you have to enter the keyword in the search box click on search option. It will display the name of the artist, album and song with the play time of the song. Click on the play button to stream the song to your computer to listen to it, or select the plus icon to add it to your playlists. You can even pause the playback, skip a song, go back, change the volume, jump to a particular part or enable shuffle and repeat modes.

It also allows you to create multiple playlists in which you can mix local and remote files. It allows you to edit, remove, rename and organize the found music into playlists. It also automatically saves the playlists in the program, so when the next time you will start the program you will find all your playlists in the same order. It supports popular audio formats like mp3, wma and flac, and even lets you to import individual songs or local playlists which is created in other applications like Winamp, AIMP, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.
It is planing to automatically sync your music across your computer network. In future you can access and listen to your saved music on portable devices.

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