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Google Meet launches 360-degree backgrounds on Mobile

The 360-degree background for google Meet on mobile has begun to spread out, know how to use!

Google Meet is a powerful tool for hosting virtual meetings, and it’s especially useful for teams that are working remotely. With features like screen sharing, real-time captions, and the ability to present documents and slides, it’s easy to keep everyone engaged and focused. And with breakout rooms and other advanced features, it’s simple to organize group work and collaborate effectively.

Now, The 360-degree background for google Meet on mobile has begun to spread out. With Google Enterprise and Personal Google accounts, the feature is being rolled out on Google Meet for Android and iOS. There are currently only two 360-degree video backdrops that move with the user: a beach background and a temple background. Both use the gyroscope of the smartphone.

But, there are a few things you should know about employing 360-degree video background before moving further with the stages. First off, Google has verified that the functionality may take up to 15 business days to complete and that it is presently rolling out in Rapid. So, it can take some time if the feature isn’t available for you. To use the 360-background feature, you must have an internet connection.

How to Use Google Meet’s 360-Background

> Open Google Meet: Open the Google Meet app on your mobile device.

> Join a Google Meet session.

> You will receive a camera preview when you join the online meeting.

> You can turn on the 360-degree background here.

> To change your background, click the “star” icon, select one of the two 360-degree video backgrounds, and then tap “Ok.”

Once finished, you can join the video conference with a moving video background.


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