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Google’s New UI for App Search Results

Do you have searched for App using Google’s Mobile Search option at hand? Then what you witnessed? I don’t know if you marked or not, but if marked then you must have spotted a new, Stylish and colorful layout displaying the most trendy and relevant apps from the Play Store. Right? Did you have ever witnessed such a Layout before? Of course not. Because it’s the new User Interface introduced by Google which is quite handy if you are in search of a specified app.

Once you search for any specific app in the Play Store it will showcase you the brand new UI with the info about the app, it’s number of downloads and rating details. Also you can see the varied comments the user have given on the app. Below the Search results, you will find a drop-down button which will further showcase the apps that are equivalent to your Search results.

You don’t have to do much to make the new Layout appear on your Smartphone. What you have to do in all is to enter a query into your Android browser. You can also enter the Search Query in any other browser,  but using the word “Apps”. It will take you to the new interface in the Search results. Interestingly, this Search result is absolutely platform specific and hence will not function equally if you enter the Search command in your Apple handset or PCs. Rather that will take you to the links which will redirect you directly to the Play Store.

Don’t you find this interface in your device? Then don’t worry. Because Google is rolling the update in installments. So it might take little time to be made available in your region. So how you liked this new UI guys? Do you find something special in it? Don’t forget to share your views.

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