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Have you crossed this file limit in Google Drive? You may get locked out at anytime

Yes, it might seem a real shocker, but it's true! The company has really started doing so. Wanna know why?

A number of Google Drive users took to Reddit today to report their concern on a surprising issue related to Google Drive. According to  Ars Technica, these users were automatically locked out of Google Drive following a message that read “they have exceeded the number of items allowed, and new files won’t be accepted until existing ones are deleted.” While the issue seems to have affected both the free and paid accounts, the users are under too much stress.

Google seems to have become much particular about the exact number of files someone can store on their Google Drive, no matter how much they have occupied. Reportedly, Google’s support team has confirmed that the restriction has been imposed on certain users who have been locked out of their accounts and can’t use the same until they delete enough files.

Now question arises what’s that exact number of limit and it’s a whooping 5 Million items! Can you believe? Reports surfaced about this number after people started receiving the following message in March.

Error 403: This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, move items to the trash and delete them forever.

Google’s  API Issue Tracker confirmed that the company rolled out this limit in February, but it lately came to force. But it’s a shocker for the users as Google had never made this number official before. So now it’s more like a Magic Number for the users who use Google Drive for storing their everyday data.

Just for info, the company offers 15Gb storage space to all Google Drive  users and if you want more space then you can pay and purchase the same from Google One  Storage Plans. But because Google had never told anything about this magic number so users could never knew when they crossed the limit.

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