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How To bring Windows 7 like Screen in Windows 8

RetroUI Start Menu and Start Button

Windows 8 comes with a lot of new and advanced features, manly the interface is totally different from the previous Windows versions. The most familiar start menu and start button is missing from the Windows 8 interface, the start menu is replaced with metro start screen. Though the changes have been made to make the OS more user friendly but some users don’t like the metro start screen. The article is dedicated to those users who want to get back their much favorite start menu and start button on Windows 8 UI.

RetroUI, an easy to use software which can make your Windows 8 PC to work and behave like Windows 7. It not only brings back the Windows 7 like Start Menu and Start Button, also make the Start Menu touch friendly. You can enjoy all the benefits of Windows 8 and use Windows 8 apps from the Windows 7 interface. To make your desktop more classy it also makes the task-bar visible whenever Apps and the Windows 8 Start screen is active.

It comes with a new feature called TabletView, an app launcher. It allows you to pin all your favorite Apps, Websites and links, sort them and access them from the Taskbar with a click or touch.It also lets you to block the Hot Corners feature of Windows 8 desktop, while using all the benefits of Windows 8.

Features of RetroUI:

  • Block Easily skip the Windows 8 Start screen and automatically return to the classic desktop.
  • Brings back the Windows 7 style Start Menu and Start Button.
  • Touch-friendly Start Menu.
  • Remote Desktop Support.
  • Works on multi-monitor systems.
  • Includes TabletView.
  • Eeasy keyboard shortcuts
  • Block Hot Corners and Charms Bar.
  • Brings back the Taskbar to make Windows 8 really easy to use.
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows 8
  • Multi-language support.

RetroUI is safe to use as it doesn’t make any changes in the core security of Windows 8. You can even use RetroUI without administrator privilege. It also supports bypassing the Start screen from cold-boot, login from locked computer, automatic login, and login over Remote Desktop connections. You can download RetroUI for 7 days trial period from the following link. You must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to use this software.

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