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The banks often provide lots of free services to its customers. But do you know the banks  pay thousand crore rupees as transaction fee for these services? However, the customers are no more going to be benefited from such free services. Now the banks have decided to charge on every transaction made beyond the limit and a guideline have been prepared for the purpose. But still some ways left adopting to which you can be completely free from paying additional charges to banks. Let’s see what are those steps.

Use your ATM wisely

All banks facilitate their customers to make five free transactions a month beyond which each transaction is chargeable, no matter it’s your own bank ATM or other. So if you need more money in a month, so calculate your expenditure and withdraw a lump sum amount in one transaction. This will help you from additional transaction charges.

No Cash Transaction from Banks

You can make maximum of four free transactions from your branch in a month. Any transaction beyond that is chargeable. So ensure not to make any cash transaction in bank.

Get addicted to Netbanking

Often many people love to take convenience of cheque transactions and it’s undoubtedly a bad habit. If you need an extra cheque book beyond the free one provided by your bank, you have to pay almost 20 to 150 rupees per cheque book. So to make cash transfer, better you need to take help of Netbanking.

Maintain Minimum Balance in Your Account

It’s obvious that you must maintain minimum balance in your bank account. Else you might be fined up to Rs. 10 to Rs.600 a month.

Collect Statement through Email

The banks always charge Rs.100 for passbook issue and updatation. So it’s better to ask for bank statement through Email to save this charge.

Pay Credit Card Bill on time

Ensure to pay the Credit Card bill on time. Also if you make cash transactions on Credit card then banks charge more. So timely payment of Credit card bill will save up to 300 to 500 rupees a month in your Savings account.

Activate Auto Pay

Activating Auto Pay in Credit card will save your late payment fine. Often we forget to pay our credit card bill on time and for that we are fined up to Rs. 500. Activating Auto Pay will deduct the required bill amount from your account every month and will save late fine. This system can save up to 42 percent late fee fine a year.

Prevent Cheque Bounce

If you don’t have enough balance in your account, then don’t hand over cheque to anyone for clearance. This is both chargeable and illegal.

Don’t use Credit Cards Unnecessarily 

If you spend more on your credit card beyond credit limit, then bank might charge extra penalty on you. So use your Credit Card only at the time of necessity.


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