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How to use Android Phone as Security Key to Your Google Account

android phone as security key

Now your Android Smartphone will be the security key to access your Google Account. Keeping eye on the growing reports on data breach, the company has decided to add this feature for better privacy and protection Google Account. Once you start using this feature, your Smartphone will also warn you against using any harmful or malicious website.

Google just recently announced this feature in the Cloud Next Conference. You don’t need to go online to use this feature. What you have to do in all is to connect your Smartphone to Chrome browser via Bluetooth and complete Login Verification. Once you activate this feature nobody can log into your account, no matter that person has your username or password. This feature will function as two-factor authentication for your account and can be used on Smartphones running Android 7.0 and above.

What’s Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is an advance security system for your Account. Once you activate this feature, your account will not open only with username and password. Once you give the correct username and password, an OTP is sent to your Smartphone and you can only complete the login process by giving this OTP given space.

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How to use Smartphone as Security Key

To use Android Smartphone as your Security Key, the Smartphone must run on version Android 7.0 and above. Similarly, your computer must run on Windows 10, Mac OS, Chrome OS or Chrome 72 and above to start with this process. While logging on PC, you can connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. Now let’s go through the step-by-step procedure.

At first open Google Chrome on Windows, Mac OS or Chrome OS.
Now log into your Google Account on your Android Smartphone and on your Bluetooth Account.
Now go to myaccount.google.com/security on Chrome browser and click on two step verification.
If you have not activated two factor authentication, then you must activate now.
Now click on Security on the Secondary Method list and select your Smartphone.

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Once the Smartphone gets registered, your Smartphone will work as your key to log into your Account. Now the next time when you will log in from a new device, a notification will come to your registered handset and the account can be logged in only after its approval.


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