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HTC One to Retort with Major Bug Fixes Soon

htc one x jelly bean

HTC, the laudable Smartphone maker is on reports to bring some latest updates soon to its much accredited Smartphone HTC One and the update basically is related to the major bugs the Smartphone maker has detected in camera augmentation. So kudos to HTC for this and of course a great time for the HTC One users who must look forward to get improvements soon in their camera with common nips and tucks.

However, the company is not gonna make any update to Jelly Bean 4.2, but definitely is in attempt to update the said feature. As per the revelations of the company, the users for sure will experience improvements in sound capture with Zoe feature and noise reduction during the moments of capturing slow motion video. Apart, the users will also get a few shooting condition with the general camera tweaks.

Besides, HTC is gonna sort out a major bug that was earlier found in the camera options, that showcased the wrong ISO setting in image EXFI data. Having fixed the issue, the Smartphone maker will provide the users an opportunity to have[highlight] improved colour reproduction[/highlight] and [highlight]dynamic range[/highlight] in hand which will make their camera experience all the more relevant. Also HTC demands to bring enriched system performance and constancy which will be proved added benefits for the users.

Then we must have an eye on the major updation i.e. to be brought by HTC. In fact, the company aims at pushing the software version of HTC One to 1.29.401.13. While the updation is basically targeted to the European models at this moment, the other users around the world are left with no options apart from waiting for the process to reach at them. The users can check out the updates after going to [highlight]Settings => About => Software[/highlight] Update. If there is any massage for you then you are fortunate to get, else you have to wait little more.

Along with the camera augmentation, the update will bring you the fixes that will make your handset more stable and cool for usage and will of course take its performance level to the next level. However, the steps taken by HTC to bring improvement in the Flagship model (HTC One), is intended to overcome the financial crisis it undergoes this moment. While the optimization has been highly appraised by many reviewers, some others opine that some added movements could have been made in the phone.

But what reveal the sources, maximum comments are in for of the phone and some even hesitate not to say that it’s the best Android Smartphone ever made. Now, it’s to be seen how much this augmented protocol affects the Android market. Forget not to be in touch with us again to get the authenticity of the said developments in HTC One. Keep Connected!

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