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Huawei Dumps Android OS, Launches Harmony OS For all of its Products

Huawei Debut Harmony OS instead of Android OS

Huawei today at noon UTI went live and introduced harmony OS 2.0. In the live Session, it announced various Huawei running harmony OS products for the whole world. The big news is that the harmony OS is upgraded for those products running on its software.

Harmony is since 2019, but this second generation runs on most of the products for the first time ranging from smartphones, tablet and smartwatches. It also runs on smart televisions. This means that the Chinese will no longer rely on the android operating system of US authorization. They had banned Huawei Tech products and services in America. Harmony will be an alternative to Google Service ranging for a lot of categories.

Huawei smartphone accesses Google mobile services and a bunch of developers services upon which most Android apps are based on. But now Huawei harmony OS will only connect to devices such as laptops, smartphones of its operating system.

According to Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei Consumer Business Group`s software department the Huawei harmony OS is rolling for 200 million Smartphones and a hundred million third-party smart devices by the end of 2021. And China’s most popular telecommunication found itself on the US trade blacklist 2 years ago for national security concern. But Huawei denies the risk but the US government had blacklisted it. For this Huawei business was under huge stress. Huawei is ranked sixth in the global market which takes 4% of the market share in the first quarter.

But Wang said the corporation is also appearing away from smartphones with HarmonyOS. He added that the smartphone market has stagnated and smartphones continue to be an influential tool in people’s lives as most developers have a few more platforms evolving. He also said that “the problem with existing operating systems is that devices can`t be connected easily,” with users often having to download separate apps to get things to connect.

“But Harmony can enable devices that connect or connected to super devices. It will act as a file system, literally a device,” said Wang. Harmoney also allow others to work for non-smartphone devices. It will be important for Huawei to get automakers for other electronics brands and even OS to achieve its ambitions and China provides a favourable market ecosystem to achieve this, “he said.

Check out the live video session


Huawei’s Harmony OS launched several devices that include MatePadPro, Huawei’s iPad Pro rival, and the Watch 3, a premium smartwatch. These added embedded SIM to permit make calls without pairing. The company has released new wireless earbuds, FreeBuds 4, a stylus pen and a lustrous LCD monitor.



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