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Increase Free Space of C Drive without Formatting Hard Disk


All computer users use C drive as default drive, whenever you install a new program or store new file in the system it is stored in C drive by default. So, with passage of time free space on default C drive is decreased. It is definitely not a good idea to format the hard disk to increase space of C drive. After formatting hard disk you have to reinstall necessary software in your computer.  But, you can take help of any partition manager software which can increase free space of C drive without formatting the hard disk.

Here I am going to discuss about an easy to use partition manager software. Easeus Partition Master is one of the best partition managers to expand and manage disk partitions, and settle low disk space problem on MBR and GPT disk.

Features of Easeus Partition Master

  1. Supports extend NTFS system partition without reboot
  2. Allows to resize or Move partition
  3. Supports conversion of FAT to NTFS
  4. Can recover files from deleted or lost partition
  5. Supports hardware RAID Copy & resize dynamic volume
  6. Allows to Copy, create, format, delete, and explore partition
  7. Supports upto 32 disks
  8. Can set active,label,hide and unhide partition

How to run EASEUS Partition Master

  1. Download and install EASEUS Partition Master
  2. Open EASEUS Partition Master program on your computer. Start screen will list all the drive partitions along with total, used and free space.
  3. Before adding free space to C drive, you have to take free space from other drive.
  4. Right click on the drive from which you want to take free space and click resize / move partition option.
  5. Drag the small icon on left toward right to take out free space from desired drive. (You can see how much space you have taken in Unallocated Space Before box.)
  6. Right click on C drive and then click resize / more partition option and move the right side bar icon toward extreme right to add free space to C drive.
  7. Restart your PC, on the next boot you can see the resizing process within a small window
  8. It will take some time. When the process will be completed your computer will be shutdown. Then start your computer you will see successful resize message. Then your computer will be shutdown, on the next boot you will have more space in C drive.

Easeus Partition Master is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 and Windows 8.

  1. Sixon says

    After I install Partition Master, I cannot merge the free space of harddisk to C : drive. It only can be merge to D: drive…

  2. Sixon says

    and how to set that the Partition Master doesn’t start when starting Windows ?

    1. Amitosh Swain says

      Try again. It should work fine. But was any other application such as boot time antivirus scanning active at that time? Try disabling the anti-virus before attempting.

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