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New Bug in Apple Facetime Feature, Call gets received automatically

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The Apple Facetime feature has started facing certain bugs due to which users have started facing problems due to this issue in the Apple Facetime feature. As per reports, even if the users don’t receive call, it’s received automatically and the person on the other side can hear their voice. This problem is reportedly found in group calling.

Apple confirmed the Issue

One user when took to Twitter to report this problem, Apple confessed that they are working on this and the issue will soon be sorted. Also the company confirmed to push a new software update by this week only. For the time being the experts suggest to stop using Facetime still the new update is pushed.

Here we need to mention that Facetime is the audio-video feature of Apple and the company had announced this feature the previous year. Now the Facetime issue is so serious that even if the phone is off or even the number is blocked, then also the software sends a video of the user to the caller without his permission.

How to Disable Facetime

Now question arises, how to disable the Apple Facetime feature? To disable this feature you need to go to Settings and click on the Facetime icon. Now disable the feature by making the Green button Gray.

This is not the First Time

This is not the first time the iPhone users are facing such issue. Before also they had faced equal issues. Before this when apple had pushed the iOS 12.1.2 update, all users had started facing connectivity issues

Many users had reported this issue and the problem was found basically in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. According to users, post upgrading their handset to the said iOS version, their phone was automatically getting disconnected from Mobile data. Even if they were connecting to WiFi, it was also disconnecting frequently.


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