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Facebook’s new funda to test reactions, how would you express yours

You might have known that before a few days, world’s largest social networking site’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his concerns over the idea of adding a “dislike” button to the posts in Facebook because he was in concern if the users would misutilize this button. He was afraid, if the users would use this button as a medium to down-vote posts instead of empathizing. But still Facebook has constantly been wondering on the idea of adding the “dislike” button to the posts.

But finally keeping the users’ motive in eye, Facebook has found out an alternative to test the reaction of the users, but not of course through “dislike” button. Here we are about to introduce you to the new feature that Facebook has already started working on. Just of late, Facebook has made an official announcement that now it’s testing reactions which is going to be more broadly represented as a more expressive like button.

Instead of directly liking or disliking a post now you can express your views for the post through varied emoticons love, awe, humor and sadness. To select the new Reaction, you can long press the Like button which will show you the emotions and from there you can choose your desired emotion.

This new features of Facebook are already in testing phase in Ireland and Spain. Because this feature is absolutely new, so Facebook has kept this feature in testing phase so that they can point out the loo-falls and can bring fixes to those. Once the feature is updated, it will be rolled to the users across the globe.

So now it’s to be seen how these features work. But we would definitely want to know what are your reactions on this new feature from Facebook? Would you like this new feature or the existing feature is good enough? Don’t forget to share your views with us.

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