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Oppo R17 might be lunched with 10GB RAM, get to know its specialities

The trend of 6GB and 8GB Smartphones have already started, but this trend seems not to take break here. Reportedly 10GB RAM supported smartphone is also soon going to be lunched.

Chinese Smartphone maker Oppo had just recently lunched the 8GB supported premium Smartphone Find X in India and now the manufacturer is getting prepared to lunch its other premium Smartphone Oppo R17 in India soon. This Smartphone is said to pack 10GB RAM.

Chinese Micro Blogging website Sina Weibo has brought some information about this upcoming Smartphone to the limelight. In march, the company had lunched two Smartphones, Oppo R15 and Oppo R15 Dream Mirror. According to Playful Droid the forthcoming version of these devices will be Oppo R17.

The best thing about this Smartphone will be its 10GB RAM. Still date, maximum 8GB RAM supported Smartphones have been lunched. If assumptions stand true, then this will be the first ever Smartphone in the world which will support 10GB RAM.

The previous two devices i.e. Oppo R15 and Oppo R15 Dream Mirror supported 6GB RAM whilst the Find X supported 8GB RAM. Though the company has revealed nothing about the specs and features of the upcoming device, but recently it showed a teaser of the Oppo R17 in a media event which was not public.

Now to make you brief on the features of the Oppo Find X, the flagship device supports 6.42 inch AMOLED display and is powered by a snapdragon 845 octa core processor. It’s supported by 8GB RAM and 256GB Internal memory.

As we know Oppo Smartphones are specially known as Camera phones, the Oppo Find X carries dual POP Up camera, one is of 16MP and the other is of 20MP. It’s a proper selfie phone as it packs a 25MP front camera. The dual camera supports a slider which you can use to slide.

In terms of connectivity, this Smartphone runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo OS and supports a 3,730 mAh battery which is turbo charging supported and takes only 35 minutes for complete charging.

Though there is information yet to be revealed on the specs and features of the new Oppo R17, but keep visiting our web blog BlogZamana. We shall bring you the complete info once it’s out.

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